Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cavemen Rock!

I had the ultimate priviledge of attending Cavestock 2008 last night at American Fork High School. It was so fun! Let me explain the name and then I will explain the party. The mascot for AFHS is the Caveman. Initially I was a bit hesitant but it is growing on me. My Elementary school was the All-Stars so really, who's to judge? From what I gather, they combine Caveman with Woodstock and end up with Cavestock. Love it.

The party was to celebrate the end of the school year. What an awesome celebration is was. When we got there it was pretty casual, the dance portion had not yet started. This is what happened pre-dance:

BEAUTY - a hair school was doing colored extensions, there was face painting, someone was making ballon hats
GUITAR HERO - they set up 3 stations and had a competition. I am now convinced that I am actually 67. You know when you talk to adults about texting? They look at you like you are speaking Arabic. That is how I feel about Guitar Hero, I can't even wrap my head around how they can play that game...and I'm an interpreter! I should rock! (Should)
FAMILY WARD GAMES - there was a football throw (you know, through a tire hanging from the basketball hoop) and a fishing pond! Do you remember helping out at the Ward Halloween party and being assigned to the dreaded fish pond? The kid throws the fishing line over the sheet and you attach a tootsie roll. Right.
EATING CONTESTS - this was truly amazing. We only saw two of them but it was the coolest! The first was a hot dog eating contest. It wasn't timed, it was whoever ate their plate of 6 first would win. Sick. I bet on a pretty solid looking kid to win but he totally let me down. The next contest and probably the highlight of the night was the milk drinking contest. The first person to down 6 pints of milk won. Pretty simple, right? Well if you have never seen a milk drinking contest I can tell you this, it always ends in puking. The organizers were awesome enough to include strawberry milk, the typically forgotten variety. I was almost convinced to join but I was drinking a soda and I thought the combination of soda and 6 pints of milk might not agree with my stomach. The real reason is that I am a weiner and would have thrown up for sure. The bet for this contest was to pick the first person to puke. Once again, I thought I had it in the bag! My pick totally disappointed me, I feel like he wasn't even trying. Now the winner on the other hand.....lost it in the trash can almost immediately after claiming his victory. Twice. It was pink. Thanks strawberry milk.
BATTLE OF THE BANDS - I was super impressed by the talent last night. There was a group of teachers that played classic rock and MC'd in between acts. They were so cool, I love this school. I was thinking that if my school had had an end of the year party there would definitely NOT have been enough musical talent for a Battle of the Bands or even Battle of the Band. I think they probably could have thrown together a skate competition though.

Dance Time - the dance portion started at 9pm and it was truly a spectacle. I was worried that I was going to have to intervene and politely ask sweaty students to move further apart as they dance, but NO! I am so impressed by the students at AFHS. I didn't see any inappropriate dancing, etc. The worst part...I knew a lot of the songs, but not all. What the? I'm still young and semi hip, dang it. Another reason to feel 67.

On to the absolute best part of the night. I have the best, most amazing, sweetest and coolest students on Earth. All night they were running up to me all excited and happy to see me. I felt so special! I didn't think it was possible for them to love me like I love them! I want to meet all their parents and congratulate them on a job well done.

Thanks American Fork!!!!


meghan said...

i bet you were the old woman trying to dirty dance with the high school boys. awesome.

Susan said...

One- There isn't a one, but there's a two.
Two- It's good to know you love sloppy joes as do I, probably the main reason we have such a close friendship, I'd say.
Three- I do believe Woodstock involved a lot more than just music, and much more than these cute little Utah kids know about. A lot more. However, I'm glad you had fun.
Four- I think the croc pit is a must,therefore you'll be getting a call soon.
Five- Can I have your number now?

Susan said...

Somebody sounds a little angry from that last comment you made. Do you need a friend? Or maybe just a cake full of rainbows and smiles...

Shaeli said...

Love the end of year parties. As a fellow Utah native, I experienced many of these. Almost like a bad carnival on crack. (Although the AF Cavestock sounds pretty sweet)...

---At least their mascot is not "beet diggers"