Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom is nuts. Serious. She doesn't allow us to celebrate Mother's Day because she says that if you love your mom you should show her throughout the year, not just on the second Sunday of May. I agree, but I have to say that when I have kids, I'm SOOOOO going to take adcantage of this "holiday". We are not allowed to give her gifts or anything, I think she'll allow a phone call but I don't know for sure because as of today at 6:40 I haven't called. Ooops. Anyway, I wanted to use this post as a way to let moms know that I appreciate and love them.

I am lucky enough to have known a lot of lovely ladies who over the years have gotten married and are now mothers. I am lucky to know dear ladies like Tira, Shanna, Kristy, Nicki and Amanda. They are all amazing women in their own right and have really come into their own since motherhood. I am so impressed by their power, courage, ability to teach and even greater ability to love. I learn from these ladies about motherhood and womanhood and I love them all very much!

Now, on to the main event! I have the most incredible mom ever placed on this Earth, I hope this dedication doesn't make any of you jealous :) She has taught me to love our Heavenly Father and Savior and this testimony is the most valuable thing I have. My mom, Rosie Johnson, taught me to be independent and strong. I owe my success in life to her. She came to almost every single softball and volleyball game I played. If she couldn't make it, it was because of a conflict with another sibling, never beause she was too tired from a busy day. She also adopted the other girls on the team whose parents never came. I was never jealous, I learned at a young age that my mother's love was meant to be shared. When I was little I don't remember my mom being funny, she was just a mom. Now, she's hilarious (I think I've rubbed off on her) and she's my best friend. I could go on and on, but I need to call her and tell her all this...I don't think she reads my blog :) HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Cory and Nicki said...

Awww... thats so sweet. You do have a great mom. I have so many fun memories with you guys! I remember going to the Del Mar Fair and being proud that I knew the lady that made all the flags.. :)

Susan said...

I'm absolutely positive that the blogging world declared you as dead three months ago. Good to know you're not and that you love your mom. That's neat.

meghan said...

i called mom the day before mothers day from mexico. she didnt even know if i was alive until then. try to beat that mothers day gift.

Tira said...

wow, i got a mention!! i feel special. we are surrounded by some awesome examples...thank goodness!