Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm So Brave

Here's the deal, I don't like motorcycles. My dad had one when I was younger and sometimes would take me to volleyball practice on it (driving on the freeway in San Diego, mind you). I always hated it, it was cold and I expected to either fall off or be side swiped by some drunk SDSU student. Luckily nothing like that ever happened but I still have always carried a dislike of motorcycles with me. I think they are dangerous too!

But Rachel, what about the Barbie on the scooter in the picture? Good question. Here's the deal, it seems as though scooters are "the big thing" around good ole Utah County, I see them everywhere! I always look at them and think, "how cute!!" but not for me. My roommate, Eliza, has one and she looks DARLING on it. I like to look darling too, but not at the risk of being drunkenly side swiped. She and I have discussed my phobia(?) and she has been great about not pushing me to ride with her.

So here's the deal and the reason that "I'm So Brave". Eliza and I have a class together every Tuesday and Thursday morning and this morning we were running a bit late AND it was gorgeous outside. She mentioned that she'd like to ride her scooter and offered me a ride. I did it! We rode to school on her scooter and it was tons of fun! By the way, I was in a skirt (sorry mom and dad) and we both looked super cute. I know this because we got some honks and waves...hey boys!

I think I'll have to start a new spot in my budget for a scooter! I'm going to tear up Utah Valley next summer!


Kristy said...

Rachel! Welcome to my dream that I will never have! You totally need to get one. My Dad just got a Vespa and it is the most fun thing I have ever been on! I have always secretly wanted a pepto bismal pink Vespa with a matching helmet. Please make your dream happen. I would get one, but where would I put a carseat? Ha ha ha.

meghan said...

you should get a leather jacket to match. and a sidecar for me:)

Mrs. Eliza said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm so glad you liked it and are considering one for yourself. I love love love my scooter. (I don't know why I'm repeating everything 3times.) My scooter's name is Jim. (FYI)