Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something that NEEDS Checking Out

My dear friend, Susan, is an incredible artist. We met at school when I interpreted for a class she was taking. She loved trying to "trip up" the interpreters by saying crazy things and trying to get us to laugh as we were doing our thing. (We normally hate people like that, but it's impossible to hate Susan). I didn't interpret any of the classes she was in during the Spring semester yet we just kept running into each other. Basically, she's now my greatest fan...or the other way around. She showed me a bunch of her paintings and they are AMAZING! When I get rich (sooner than you think), I will be commissioning her to make my bare walls beautiful. She recently set up a blog to promote her art and she has a few of her pieces up for everyone's viewing pleasure, so CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Five things you should know Rachel.

#1: You're incredibly sweet.
#2: I've just been invited to put a piece of my work in the new library at UVU for that grand opening that they're having.
#3: Did you make that picture yourself? It's very good.
#4: I love you.
#5: Isn't your birthday coming up soon? Because I have something for you.