Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something to Pass Along

My friend introduced me to an awesome website,, where you can watch episodes of TV that you may have missed or whatev. I have recently been watching old SNL skits, love it! I highly recommend searching for "SNL Steve Carrell", "SNL Two A-Holes" and "SNL Penelope". Amazing! By the way, I think I totally have a girl crush on Kristen Whig, she's the girl in the 2 A-Holes skits and Penelope, she's incredible. Since it's raining here in beautiful Utah Valley, I think I'l be playing on Hulu all weekend!


Susan said...

Dude my brother loves hulu. Just thought I'd share that with the world. And will you please do me a favor and text me so I can have your freakin number. I promise not to give it out to strangers.

Mrs. Eliza said...

I've heard for a while that I need to check out hulu...maybe you can show me.

Susan said...

Hey I just went to that site "Stuff White People Like" and I'm pretty sure I'm not white.