Saturday, July 5, 2008

Observations of DC

This comes only after a week, so don't assume this list is comprehensive. Most of my observations come from the public transportation sector because that is where I spend at least 2 hours every day (often times more because I get lost easily).
1. No one on the bus reads
2. Everyone on the metro reads. Saying "everyone reads" is a pretty strong statement but really, I'd say at least 75%-85% of all metro riders will read to pass the time. Ahhh....I'm home, I love reading!
3. Office skirt length? How about mid-thigh. Not my office, but I work in downtown where there are only offices and Starbucks so I see what the other "ladies" wear to work. Yikes! (Bikes! That's for you, Eliza)
4. Bus drivers are VERY friendly. Unfortunately, I think a few of them have misinterpreted my friendly attitude and think I'm flirting. Nope, I don't flirt. I have been called Baby, Honey, Sweetie and Doll by these guys so far and I look forward to even more.
5. Tourists are painfully obvious! I am still a tourist but I'm more of a long term visitor. My philosophy, any time I go anywhere new, is to not look like a tourist! I just observe the locals and try my best to do what they do! I have only been here a week and I hate tourists.
6. The metro is great for getting around the city but it would be hard being Deaf and riding during rush hour. If you want to chat with friends, you still have to hang on for dear life because the metro is anything but steady. Thank goodness I can hear...and that i don't have any friends to distract me.

That might be it for now. It's late and I was out walking all day so I'll need to think on this some more. Either way, I have one quick story before I depart. On the bus on the way to the metro the other day, we stopped to pick up a rider. This rider was what I would call "homeless looking" and he was getting around in a super ratty wheelchair. As he rolled down the aisle he said good morning to everyone except me. To me he said, "Hola, como estas" (hello, how are you in Spanish). Awesome. I have no further commentary on that because yeah, what can I say. So I dedicate this post to him. Buenos noches senor y ojala que tenga un buen sabado.

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Tira said...

Raquel...he saw you for who you truly are. I do wish he would have offered you a martini though.