Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Saturday in Utah

Last Saturday I flew out of Salt Lake International Airport to start the rest of my summer in Washington DC. I didn't fly out until 11pm though so we had some time to play around. Jordan helped me finish moving (he's a Saint!) and we then headed up to SLC because his friend got free tickets to the Utah Blaze game.

Let me fill you in, the Blaze are an arena football team. I have been to one other game in San Diego and it's actually pretty fun. It's a lot like indoor soccer and there are definite reasons that these guys aren't in the NFL (although they celebrate as if they are). I took a bunch of pictures and I will post some when I get home, in 5 weeks. It's awesome for these reasons:
1. Rednecks....lots of them. We had a contest to see who could find the biggest redneck and Jordan and I were lucky enough to spot him together. We were walking down a hall and he turned a corner in front of us. His mullet was thinning on top and it was bleached blond, stringy and glorious. The icing on the cake was his pristine Jack Daniels shirt. Winner!
2. High scores - they pretty much score with every possession so it's fun because it's fast paced and exciting. The celebrating? Too much for arena football, but I bet their moms are proud.
3. The "entertainment" - there were several options to be entertained during the game. There were dancers (exposing a bit too much if you ask me) and they would run on the field at odd times and do their thing. At one point 2 guys with shiny stuff walk on to the field and at the sound of a horn flop down on to a blanket and start rolling around. Upon closer inspection we saw that the shiny stuff was tape and they were rolling over dollar bills. Another horn sounded and the first to run past the endzone won all the money still adhered to his body. Yep, I'm serious. Then they had 4 people in sumo outfits start at 4 different corners and try to put footballs into a basket in the middle of the field. The catch, the Blaze mascot (a dog) did whatever possible to prevent the footballs from going in. I swear he scissor kicked someone.
4. Text Twist - I am amazing at Text Twist and when I got bored (disenchanted?) with the game I started playing it on Jordan's phone. His roommate, David Jones, currently has the high score but got it by CHEATING! It was then my goal to beat him, honestly. Dave, I hope you read this and weep buddy, I have the high score now!

After the game we decided to go to Temple Square and walk around until the Joseph Smith movie started at 7pm. I love Temple Square, you just feel different when you walk on to the grounds. I especially love the architecture and the gardens. We then went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and walked around a bit until the movie started. That is such an incredible building, if you have never gone, I highly suggest it. It used to be the Hotel Utah and was bought by the Church and renovated/transformed into the current building.

We went into the movie, which was my third time seeing it but I love it, and I held in my tears until the very end. That is a huge accomplishment for me, thank you. I am so impressed with the quality of that film, the Church did an excellent job.

Afterward we had dinner at Macaroni Grill, it was my first time and it was delicious. Our server, Carol, was awesome and helped us out with more bread. Go Carol! We got to draw on the butcher paper they had on the table. My doodlings consisted of my name in print and cursive and stars. I love stars. Jordan primarily focused on Chinese characters, I have no idea how he remembers all of them. But I guess he could make them up because I wouldn't know either way.

Then off to the airport...more on that later. It was sad to leave and I was very nervous but now that I'm settled I'm feeling a lot better. I'll post again soon!


Mrs. Eliza said...

I'm glad you had a fun "last night" in SLC. You'll be back soon! I can't wait.

Susan said...

#1 I'm glad that you gave a shout out to Carol.
#2.I'm happy to hear you're keeping up with your doodling skills.
#3.I miss you, but you will be back soon. Maybe I'll make a paper chain, because I'm still 7 years old in my head.
#4.My doctor really did go to that university. I saw the McDonald coupons spilling out of his pockets. And that call he got, it was Ronald himself. They're going golfing this Saturday.