Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rachel in DC

Now for some personal observations, as in how I see myself here in Washington, DC. By the way, the picture was the closest thing to frizzy hair I could find on Google images...hope this all makes sense.

1. I have a wonderful, amazing, expensive hairstyling tool called a CHI. It's main objective is to take my weird wavy hair and turn it into sleek and shiny hair. The humidity is killing me! A few times I have attempted to straighten my hair and by the evening I end up with weird, wavy, out of control hair. Maybe you're thinking, "Oh, wavy is lovely, Rachel is such a complainer". Well, if you're thinking that, you're a jerk and we're no longer friends. My wavy is very awkward looking, like I have been experimenting with light sockets.

2. I spend money when I am bored or lonely. Lots of money. Guess what? I have been bored and lonely quite often here. I have plenty of things to do and sights to see but I often run into the obstacle of not having a car and I HATE riding the bus on the weekends and evenings. I have gone clothes shopping several times and just yesterday I bought four books. Some of you will benefit from this personal problem though...I already have presents for you!

3. I walk quite a bit here and I notice that I get a lot more whistles and cat calls. I still haven't determined if it is because of my increased walking, because the men a pigs here or because I am sexier in DC.

4. I am more friendly here. I am smiling and talking to everyone! I don't know if people appreciate it but I think because I am so in love with this city I just need them to know it. Unfortunately, I think that some people take my smiles the wrong way. Several guys so far and only one or two girls. The girls have given me snotty looks and the guys have acted like guys do. My favorite experience so far was on the bus (of course). I got on and I chatted with the driver for a minute, just pleasantries, nothing too crazy. Then he took it to the next level. He mentioned that he golfed four mornings a week and I said "I love golf", I do. He couldn't believe that I love golf. After a lengthy discussion he said that he lives near a course and could walk but why walk when he "can just jump into my Mercedes and drive 9/10 of a mile". Right. Then he invited to take me golfing some time. Yikes. I am now avoiding the evening 2B bus to Tysons Corner, even if it means I never get to ride in his Mercedes.


Cory and Nicki said...

Hey I understand about the wavy hair thing. Mine is wavy and I hate it.I wish I would have straight or curly not in between. So Ill join your "i hate wavy hair" club. :)

Susan said...

I was hoping your hair would resemble that of Monica's in the episode of Friends where they all went to Barbados. I'm a little disappointed.

Mrs. Eliza said...

LOL! You should go for it!