Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm sure my sister Meghan will think that this is a post about sex, but it's not. (I'll explain that at the end). I had the opportunity to ride in TWO cabs today. On my way to a conference with my boss (I'm SO important) our cab driver burped we weren't even there. I thought it was odd and disgusting but whatev. Right? On the way back to the office we had a driver who seemed annoyed from the get go. He was honking at everyone and almost hit four pedestrians. My hero. One pedestrian that almost got hit yelled at the driver to "slow the f**k down". Cool. He was looking pretty good in my book...until he burped too! I don't know if it's socially acceptable or just a cabbie thing but I wanted to die! His was one of those really disgusting ones too. Yuck. I think I'll stick to the metro from now on.

So, taxi's in reference to sex. Ok, on Full House right after Uncle Jesse and Becky get married they spend a lot of time upstairs in their apartment/loft thing that I was always jealous of. (I was jealous of Becky too because she had beautiful hair and got to kiss Uncle Jesse. I still love him) At one point Michelle is upset that she can't go upstairs to see them and asks what they are doing. Joey, being the total idiot he was, said that they were doing taxes. Michelle asked how long they would be doing their "taxi's" and he said something like, "Well, at least every day for the first couple months". Since then whenever Meghan and I hear taxi's it means dirtiness. Who knew that Full House could be so awesome....I mean filthy?!?


Susan said...

Why don't you just do it back to him? Size him up.

Jay-Dub said...

Gross about the burpage! I am grateful that I stuck to the metro on my trip. It was so fun to see you! Glad you are exploring more of the city life.

(Wow! That is some crazy link from Taxi's to sex, but if it involves Uncle Jesse, then I suppose it is valid.)