Sunday, August 31, 2008

Best Friends

I've been meaning to do a tribute to my best friends for a long time because I am truly blessed in this category of my life. I have the greatest friends on earth and I feel badly for people who aren't lucky to have these incredible ladies in their lives. So, dear friends, here's to you! (PS - these are in no particular order, they aren't ranked....I know all of you ladies are vying for the top spot but forget it!)

This is a picture of Alicia and Natalie, both of whom I love very dearly. Alicia and I were roommates in San Diego and Natalie lived across the street so we were basically roommates with her too. They have provided me with so many incredible memories of good times and good talks. I miss them both more than I can articulate....I mean c'mon, look at the picture, you understand my love, right?!?

First off, she's going to kill me for using this picture even though I think it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. This is Eliza, my former roommate and current classmate, shopping partner and planner of devious things. Eliza is so amazing and fun, we have a great time together, especially at night when we should be in bed and can barely keep our eyes open. I love that with Eliza she has always been here for me, whatever crud I'm going through and knows the perfect Jane Austen movie to watch to make things better. (Yikes! Bikes! inside joke, don't pretend like you know)

This is Elyse, we were introduced through Eliza and I thank Eliza constantly for that. Elyse and I have a very similar life situation and she has been truly a blessing for sitting up many evenings and just talking to me. It's nice to have someone who really understands and can offer valuable advice. She is so wise and in tune, I love this girl! She also love palm trees more than anyone I've ever met and I think it's darling. She's planning a graduation trip with me, I can't wait!

Hannah, also known as my soulmate and the girl who saved my life this summer in DC. Hannah and I joke about being soulmates but there's some truth to it. She and I clicked immediately and we're so similar that our friendship probably shouldn't work, like we should be in competition or something. But it works! She loves me so much and I can't express how much I appreciate her love, understanding and laughter! This girl kept me sane when times were tough and took me on some of the best girl dates ever! It's so nice to have someone who you can be unapologetically ridiculous with, thank you Hannah!

Ah, Julie Jenkins (Archer). I love this girl. We were roommates for a year in San Diego and now she's married and pregnant. I miss her so much. She and I would have the greatest talks about politics and the gospel and still manage to scream with laughter throughout. I learn so much every time I talk to her, I crave her insight and intellect. I look up to her so much for her faith and constant drive to improve and educate herself. She's also very low drama, which can be hard to find! I love Julie!

This is my Kat. I absolutely adore her. We met on a job assignment last Fall and she has enriched my life since. Kat is so full of love and concern for others and has been a great support to me over the past year. This summer was tough for us because we were both going through things and I think we just really wanted to sit down with each other and cry. Now that I'm home we see each other as much as possible. Lucky for me, she married the coolest guy on earth who understands the ridiculousness that is Rachel and Kat. She knows why I adore her.... :)

Kristy! She's the first friend I ever had who I didn't need to say anything, a look would say it all. It annoyed people around us because they didn't get why we busted up laughing when no words were exchanged. Kristy and I spent countless nights eating Wendy's, Ben & Jerry's, mac & cheese (with ketchup) and watching some of the greatest movies ever. (Clueless for one, we could quote it from beginning to end). I miss Kristy SO much! She's married with a baby boy on the way and I know she's going to make such a cool mom. I love you gal! Mother's Taco forever!

This is Shanna, I think we both knew when we met that it was going to be something awesome. She is hilarious and one of my favorite people to talk to. She also gives me a run for my money when it comes to the title of Sign Song Queen, she's a Happy Hands genius. Shanna is just a really cool person, there's no drama, only smiles with her and she always gives me a reason to smile. It's only laugh, laugh, laugh with Shanna and I appreciate her so much for that. It's been an interesting year for me and Shanna has been so great at taking care of me, even though she's a brand new mom! She also happens to make the most beautiful henna designs this side of India.

Tira, mother of twin boys, wife of medical school student and the most fabulous crafter of things you'll ever meet. Tira and I met in high school during Ms. Henderson's AP U.S. History class which we both didn't care about and pretty much bonded for life over. Tira is incredible for her consistency and love. When I moved after high school, she wrote me. When I moved back to San Diego I shared a bed with her until I got myself situated. When she got married I was the Maid of Honor! It has been an amazing friendship to watch us both get older but more fabulous every year. I am in awe of all that Tira has accomplished and continues to accomplish! How she has time to work on all her projects and still look so put together, I'll never know. When all our kids are grown and out of the house, we're going to have a wedding coordinating business. We decided that one day senior year in a bookstore while pouring over wedding magazines...I miss those days!


Great Scott's! said...

ooooooh I'm the first to leave a comment how lucky of me, guess it goes with out saying, who your true best is, hmmm?? Kat will argue but nope I'm here 1st! I love you girl and all you are!! Thanks for your kind words and compliments, I adore you!! All are good times we've shared in such a short amount of time, there is no way I could box them up with beautiful wrapping paper and the largest bow I could find to show you how much I cherish them. You have the most special way to make someone feel like a genuine rock star!! I love you Rach and think you deserve the most wonderful life to come, you ROCK!!!

Tira said... went and saved the best for last! thanks rachel, i love you! hurry up and move back here already! or at least come for a visit! i miss you!
p.s. tj is breaking tradition and not going to clairemont! he's going to la jolla! the horror! blame it on the water polo team.

Travis and Kat Cook said...

Hello fabulous lady,
Thanks for what you said about me! Shanna totally beat me to it, I guess she's got the title! You know how much I love and adore you, I tell you everyday! Sorry I'm not better with words. Love you and see you soon!

Kristy said...

You are the nicest friend ever! Maybe you need to come to Huntington Beach, on your way to San Diego of course, to eat some fatty Wendy's and Ben and Jerry's with me. Tom does like Ben and Jerry's which is a plus. He doesn't like to eat it in one sitting though like we did. Why save it for later? It's not like you save calories or anything! I'm sorry about the weather. Boo for snow! I will pray that you get our sunshine!!!

Mrs. Eliza said...

It's a good thing I do love you otherwise you might die for putting that picture of me up with short hair at Holli with colors all over my face. ;)
You are fabulous and so nice. I know I could be a better friend and I'm just grateful that I made the list. :)
I Love love love love love you!