Monday, September 1, 2008


I was just informed today that my dear, dear friend is making my blog her computer's home page. Great. Now I have to be witty, clever and an all around delight in at least 5 new posts every week. So, here goes for the newest installment.....

I'm PISSED! It rained most of the day yesterday and a bit today and as I was driving I noticed that the mountain tops have SNOW on them! Last winter was absolutely heinous, it lasted six months! I refuse to let it begin any earlier than November 1st this year. Ridiculous. Or, as my sister says, redick. (say it out loud and yeah...)

On a lighter, less pissed note - I went to a 4 hour lunch today with some girlfriends and it was delicious and wonderful. We are all interpreters so it was a lot of hands waving, people staring and sharing of stories. Good times. At one point we had everyone on the food line looking at us, which you know I love. Why do you think I've stuck with interpreting? People stare and I revel in it, just kidding! (No, I'm not)

I'll close this post with what is probably my favorite scripture. This summer I did a lot of personal study and one day I opened my scriptures and this one caught my eye - D&C 6:36. It says, "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not" and I repeat it to myself throughout the day to help me to remember that He is mindful of me and my circumstances. Life gets easier when you know that there is a plan for you; it helps that fear subside when you look to Him for everything.

I love Julie, Joby and little baby Rachel (I know this one is a boy but COME ON, I have to keep lobbying to get you guys to name one after me)

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Mrs. Eliza said...

Thanks for giving me something to look forward to when it snows....taking a picture of my car with a frownie face drawn in the snow.

You know how much I love the snow.

I guess I'll have to keep dreaming of AZ til I graduate