Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why yes, I am a Business Major

So my friend Katie and I were walking through the quad type area at school today and we noticed a group of people all eating hamburgers. So we got in line. A woman approached and asked if we would like a sticker. Sure. We had walked into the opening social for the Business School and were in line to eat their food. We paused for moment to see if we were going to go ahead with the free food or skidaddle. Free food is free food and we could both whip out business terms if needed (we have both interpreted business classes, it's basically the same as taking the class). It was an excellent hamburger and a super delicious cookie. I think it was made pretty obvious that we are not business students when we took our food and promptly walked away to eat it in peace, away from their little social. I appreciate the hospitality of the Business School but will not be inviting them to any Deaf Studies events, there are too many boys in business and they eat more than girls, hence more costly for the department. That's good business sense, maybe I should go into business.

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Mrs. Eliza said...

You make me smile!

Sariah says you are very clever.

Sariah and I wanted to eat their hamburgers too but we couldn't fake it like you did. Way to go.