Saturday, September 6, 2008

Did I Just.....?

I went to my very first Institute dance tonight. I have conflicted feelings about the whole thing so I'm not going to disclose much of an opinion, but I will give some highlights.

1. Apparently an Institute dance on a Friday night is similar to an LA hotspot. It was crowded and people were outside begging to get in. It was quite pathetic on their part.
2. Just a good rule in general - if you leave the dance floor to grab a cookie, DO NOT dance by the refreshment's just bad manners and it makes me feel awkward.
3. Some random guy came up to our group and shook hands (weird!) with 2 members of my group and then proceeded to dance with us. He was a slightly worse dancer than my sister, Elisabeth, and that is hard to do. When a slow song came on, he extended his hand to me, I looked at him in horror and told him I hate slow dancing. Luke and Eliza say I'm going to hell. Oh well.
4. Before they let you in, you have to sign a dance card promising that you won't dance inappropriately, dress immodestly, etc. I kept mine in my back pocket and I'll probably keep it forever. That little card prevented me from doing the kind of dancing I actually wanted to do.
5. Mormons like super lame techno music. I didn't know some of the music, yet a lot of people seemed to enjoy themselves. I hate those people.
6. Dancing stupidly with good friends is the best cure for an odd week. I'm cured!!!!
7. Why are Mormons obsessed with ballroom dancing AND then doing that dance style while a song like "YMCA" is playing? I had to resist the urge to trip or maim several ballroom couples tonight. It's totally lame and I think most of them do it to show off. Yuck.

I'm sure I'll have more gems to add to this list as I remember them and talk to Eliza more, but all in all, I had fun!


Great Scott's! said...

Fan-freakin-tastic!! I love catching up on your blog it is a great time! Yeah I went to one of those dances "ONCE", and some how got wrangled into doing my Macy Gray impression kareokeing(I'm aware that's not a word) It would have been more appreciated in a less Utah crowd, I'm sure. But I'm glad to see not much has changed in 2 years, I hate techno!!
So I just wanted to tell you a few memories myself, First you and me in english-grammer whatever that class was, and you being so grateful for our friendship you donated to my get-a-new-purse fund after our denali s.r., you are amazing! And next to our "Does He Love(Prefer) You" randition, your and Kat's "Wannabe" signed song is the best thing ever, we need to record that and youtube it, cuase I found some lame-o h.s. students do it, and they had no edge. I could go on forever, and I hope we'll continue making sweet....memories forever! you're the best!loves

Mrs. Eliza said...

I think Luke and I are going to Hell because we just stood there and laughed while that guy asked you to dance and you rejected him. LOL! Poor guy.

lambini said...

I am dying laughing at number 5...I so know why we are friends!!!!!!

CodyMichele said...

That's too funny! Good times in Utah...I swear the people are not normal there...or should I say the Young Single Adults are not normal...but what enjoyment we get watching them make fools of themselves! I am going to Hell too...I went to those dances just cause it was something to do...said no to a lot of guys and laughed at them too!
Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Too Great!