Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ketchup, catch up...whatever.  My past few days have been super busy so I have a lot to post today!  Let's start with Thursday:

I was coming home around 12:30pm from watching "Penelope" with my lovely ladies, Eliza and Elyse.  I was pulled over!  I knew I wasn't speeding so I pulled over, got my license and registration ready and tried to keep my attitude in check.  Come to find out, I was pulled over because my license plate light was out.  Serious?  I wanted to be in bed!  Not getting a lecture from a bored cop!  Lame.

Friday I took Elyse to my brother's football game in Woods Cross.  They decisively killed the other team, 49-7.  My super stud little bro kicked all 7 extra points and they had him kick the final punt.  He is amazing, this is his first year and he is doing SO well.  The best part though....two kids from Woods Cross came over to our side and were making a ruckus (which was dumb because they were losing so badly).  After them being there for a few minutes, their train ran out of steam and they just kinda hung around for a bit.  Some of the boys from Mountain Crest noticed them and, for lack of a better term, bum rushed them.  It was hilarious!  They crowded around the two boys and made their lives very uncomfortable for about 30 minutes.  I can't believe the two boys stuck around so long.  I totally stopped watching the game and focused all my attention on the display in front of me.  The thing that finally drove them away was all the kids taking pictures with them.  Awesome.

Saturday morning I got up at 7:30am, boo!  I went to Eliza's stake activity which was breakfast and a free movie at the Wynnsong Theater.  Before going in they had popcorn, soda and a ton of free candy for us so me, Eliza and Luke loaded up my purse and went in to see "Traitor".  It was good, definitely better than I thought.  What a cool activity!  I just bummed around for the rest of the day.  I needed it!

Tonight I'm going to dinner at my friend Sarah's house and I'm excited, she one of those rare soul mate sort of friends.  She's married now so she's set in that category but it's always a good time when we get together.  Have a great week!


Mark and Linda Shattuck said...

Hey Cutie Pie, at least now I know who you stood us up for! I hope she was worth it! :) Just kidding! We love you and we so want a re-date. It worked out better for us because I had a rotten headache and I probably wasn't great company anyway, and we just had chili. Better dinner next time for you! 2 weeks from now, ok? - Love, Momma Shaved-Ice

Mrs. Eliza said...

I always like it when you mention me on your blog. It makes me feel famous.