Monday, September 15, 2008

What do I Title this One?

I have no idea what to title this one because it's just a post about my thoughts recently.  I have been doing some serious big girl shopping lately.  I am now the proud owner of a giant bookcase, a beautiful bed frame and this week, I will become the proud owner of a living room set.  As I looked around my spacious room at the super cute arrangement I have come up with, I realized that these things don't make me happy.  They never have and they never will.  I guess I couldn't hack it as some 87 year old's trophy wife.  Here's the deal, I now have a full realization that my career and my things don't determine or define me as a person.  My relationships with people do.  I hope that all my loved ones know exactly how I feel about them because I try my very best to always be improving our relationship.  This is a tough road for me to be traveling right now because my career IS taking off and I am thankful for this great blessing, but I think it would make a lot of other people much more fulfilled than it makes me.  I keep relating my new furniture to the idea of "setting up a single life" I going to be the next (MUCH less spiritual) Sheri Dew?  It's possible.  Until then, I look forward to an amazing year of teaching, playing with my friends and figuring myself out some more.  There's always more room for that!  If you're reading this, I hope you know I love you!  ( And thanks for all the support, it's been tough lately)


simplyjulz said...

Everyone knows material possessions totally make you happy ....we just bought a new living room set and I feel a surge of serotonin released everytime I look at it or sit on it and watch scrubs. Maybe its because we started paying cash for everything instead of using credit. Not being an indentured servant to ones possessions can be very fulfilling. Moral of the story: We are living in a material world and I am a material girl.

Mrs. Eliza said...

I love you Rachel. :) You're doing wonderfully, I'm sorry you're not feeling completely fulfilled. All I know is that God has a plan for you and it will work out more beautifully than you could ever imagine.

PS where did you find that picture of the mended heart? I love it.

Travis and Kat Cook said...

Miss Rachel,
You're the best! I think you're awesome for realizing that material things don't make people happy. Sometimes that takes a lifetime for people to realize! You're well on your way, hon. I love you so much, and yet again seeing you was the highlight of my day today. It always is! :)

Great Scott's! said...

I really really really miss mt Rachel, I honestly don't think you have any idea!! YOu should stop by to hang anytime you have a spare moment!! OR just call I crave you!