Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Girls

This is Naomi, she's 17 months old and she's a runt. She was born 2 months early but has had no problems that you might expect a premature babe to have. She's totally rad. For a long time she only had her eye teeth and looked like Dracula every time she would do one of her big smiles. I love her personality! She's feisty and daring. I thought that when Elisabeth got pregnant with Naomi that I couldn't possibly love her as much as I love Haven....but I do! It's amazing how we can always make more room in our hearts for more love.
This is Haven, she's 3 and incredible! She was born one week after me and it was one of the greatest late birthday gifts I could have asked for. She is such a sassy lady and she's so smart! Whenever I call to talk to Elisabeth I make sure to also talk to Haven and now that she's a bit older we can have actual conversations. Once when I called she was hitting Naomi with a flashlight so I asked to speak with her. I asked her why she was being mean and she said, "I had hot dogs for lunch". That apparently gets you out of any sticky situation. I'm her favorite aunt because I buy her a present every time I see her and my presents are GOOD. Love is totally something up for sale to the highest bidder.

I love these girls!


Mrs. Eliza said...

Very true, someone could buy my love.

Very cute kids.

How was the football game yesterday? Where are the pictures from that?

Travis and Kat Cook said...

what cute nieces! That's fun. Well no one can buy my love cuz it's not for sale. All you gotta do is pretty much... well... nothing. I've got lots of love to give, and I give it freely. I know you're the same way. It gets us into trouble sometimes. :)

Travis and Kat Cook said...

P.S. I am at work and when I pulled up your blog the music blared and I was on a call! Oops! HAHA