Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reason #974

If you are reading this, obviously you know that my summer was a bit drama filled because of one guy in particular.  It's totally over now EXCEPT that I am currently being haunted by him and his name.  I see him several times a week at random spots on campus and I see/hear his name everywhere.  Honest.  Yesterday I was telling this to Eliza and luckily, she was actually able to experience it first hand.
I had kind of a crappy day yesterday so she suggested dinner and we settled on Applebees.  We were being seated and the host was putting down our menus and said, 

"Your server will be (insert his name here)" and Eliza immediately said, 

"This table isn't going to work for us."  I was off in La La Land because I didn't hear that first part but I caught on after the host said, 

"Excuse me?" and Eliza said, 

"This table is not going to work for us, we need to not be in this server's section."

This girl amazes me.  She jumped on that so fast!  I love her, this is just reason #974.  We were then seated in Steph's section and she was just lovely.  Of course, the group that was later seated behind us had a boy with the name (insert his name here) and Eliza and I just had to laugh.  I need a reality show, this just doesn't happen everyday.

But guess's almost Friday.  I get to see my family tomorrow at another of my brother's football games.  Phew.


Travis and Kat Cook said...

Wow. You can't be serious! This is just way too much. There is a reason for all this, whatever it is. I must say I'm stumped and annoyed for you. Gee whiz, it really is too much. I love you though and I'm thinking about you. Remember: Don't ask for anything! Just be grateful. Hope it's workin out!

Mrs. Eliza said...

I love you and don't like...(insert name here)....

Hannah said...

HA HA HA HA! That was awesome.. I love it that Eliza denied the juicebag server! ;)