Thursday, November 6, 2008

50/50 ?

Just an odd thought for today:

If a couple gets divorced....who gets control of the blog?

Many, many couples have blogs and proclaim their love for each other incessantly, but as we all know, nearly half of all marriages are ending in divorce.  This probably seems like a damper but I just got to thinking about all this as I was blog stalking a few people.  Honestly, how do you blog about your divorce and subsequent therapy?  Hmmm.  Your thoughts?


McCall B. said...

My friends had that issue, but they both dropped the joint blog and started their own. I assume that would be pretty standard.

rebecca said...

i know a girl who kept the old blog. even though her ex's name was in the url. im with mccall though. start over.

Linda Shattuck said...

I'm definetly keeping my blog. Even though it says, it's ALL ABOUT ME. I'm such a brat. He's a keeper, but should something unexpected happen, I'm the KEEPER of the blog. ME ME ME, I'm a brat, like I said. :)