Friday, November 7, 2008


Remember when you were little (or last week) and you didn't want to pay attention in church?  Lots of girls would play M.A.S.H. which is easily one of the greatest time wasting games ever invented.  I'm not sure boys ever played because I'm guessing most boys haven't obsessed about their honeymoons their whole lives.  So, here's my adult version of M.A.S.H.

Honeymoon - French Polynesian cruise.  I have wanted to go on a cruise since I was 8 when my friends mom got remarried, went on a cruise and told me they have 24 hour food.  Sold.  Count me in! 
House - I want one with a wrap around porch, a large kitchen, a giant back yard and for it to be a place where people can come and feel happy and comfortable
Kids - I want either 4 or 6.  Definitely an even number because I really don't like odd numbers.  I used to want 8 because it was a volleyball team with 2 subs.  Now, not so much.
Car - My dream car is a Jaguar.  I know, it's your rich 84 year old grandma's car.  Maybe I'm your 84 year old grandma...ever think about that?!?
Job - For a very, very long time I have wanted to be a film critic.  I love my current job but anyone who knows me, knows how much I love movies and I watch kinda artsy ones sometimes.  I think I would be good at it!  Two problems: I wouldn't want to watch all the dirty ones and nowadays anyone who has a blog can be a critic, those jobs aren't readily available.  
Husband - I don't have a specific person in mind.  When I was younger it would have been Jonathan Taylor Thomas, am I right ladies?!?  Now I just want someone who loves me, wants to take care of me and has my best interest at heart....because that is exactly what he'll get from me.  Or Brad Pitt.


Dave Allbee said...
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Dave Allbee said...

Aren't you missing where you'll get married? :) Having three sisters and no brothers I actually did play that not onyl in church but on road trips too :/

Jerilyn said...

I found your blog! woo! M.A.S.H. was a very important part of my Jr. High. We took it very seriously, and we even got so far as to deciding the color wedding dress, the type of pet, and our first borns name. It was truly devastating when you got something like Percival.

rebecca said...

i have to admit that i had JTT posters by the dozen hanging in my room. and i would have bet you my kid brother that i was gunna marry him, too.

Kat said...

OK I sent a letter to JTT when I was like 13 or something and I got a very generic postcard in return with his signature and his picture saying "thanks for the letter." I was disappointed that my love letter to him didn't spark interest. Bummer. :( I LOVE your mash decisions. Yipee!

Great Scott's! said...

NICE!! I would play mash I think up until I was engaged. [my efy girls thought it was cool] Not that I didn't, it's not an excuse just an FYI. And I love the post above this too, about the penguin, it's true I think. Ps JTT had me on speed dial..... every other night in my dreams. As did Christian Bale, and Steve Urkle- but those dreams were usually nightmares, unless JTT showed up to rescue me :) awww good memories.