Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quirky, Smirky Rachel

Kat's Momma, Linda, tagged me!  I have to tell you about six quirks of mine which is tough because I'm a super quirky person!  Well, here goes....

1. I LOVE spoiling my friends and family!  I pretty much need to be wealthy so that I can lavish amazing gifts on my fabulous friends and family.  It's tough still being a poor student and having the crazy urges I do, I just love taking care of people!

2.  When I drive on the freeway I tap my feet so that they "land" in between the painted lines on the road.  On residential streets I tap them to "land" in line with trees.

3.  On every single flight I have ever taken, I touch both sides of the entry door with my right hand before stepping foot on the plane.   I'm too scared to stop doing it!

4.  I don't eat ice cream unless it has chocolate already in it or can be smothered in chocolate sauce.  I don't think I have ever even tasted strawberry, pistachio or pralines and cream.  Yuck.

5.  I make "to do" lists everyday, but I'm pretty sure I have never completely crossed one off.  The one for this weekend is: clean car and room, do homework for Will's class and Flavia's class, grade a ton of papers, buy black paint, call Tira and hang up pictures in my room.

6.  I have two holes in each ear and I own a bunch of earrings but I never wear them because I have tiny elf-like ears and the tiniest lobes you'll ever encounter.  I like them in theory but not in reality.


Linda Shattuck said...

AWESOME quirk tag. Dang it, now I have to add one of your quirks to my general list too! Before I board planes, I have to kiss the palm of my hand, then put my hand on the RIGHT side of the outside of the opening door of the plane. I will NOT board the plane without doing it. It's like "blessing" the plane, and I'm too paranoid NOT to do it. I also chew on the ends of my pencils and glasses. Therefore, I only buy $1 dollar pair at Target every October when they put "readers" in the $1 bins out front. I usually buy 6 pairs to last me all year, because I chew them up.

Kat said...

I have some papers for you but I already graded them. It's just that quiz that I gave your class. It was really fun getting out my red pen and marking the incorrect answers. Yipee I feel like a big girl! Love ya!

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

a quirk of mine is that I am not patient....therefore I taken labor into my own hands, since Cru is taking his sweet time, and have downed a whole bottle of castor oil. I'm excited for an evening of Blogging, bathrooms and potential baby delivering.