Saturday, November 22, 2008


Shanna ever so kindly reminded me that I forgot to add Benny from "The Sandlot" to my list of boys I loved. I am shocked, plain and simple. I loved this guy, I have The Sandlot memorized because of him.My sincerest apologies Benny-Man, I never meant to leave you off my list! Thanks for being one of those guys that us ladies could count on to be awesome, gorgeous and have such a kind heart. I mean, you let the square join your baseball game even though he only had a rubber glove. I love you.

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Great Scott's! said...

Thanks so much Rachel I now feel complete. So happy you have chosen to repent and I'm sure Benny in the kindness of his heart, forgives you. I love that were grown adult women who still can get giddy off the boys we crushed on when we were kids, love it!!