Monday, November 24, 2008

A Great Way to Get Out of Work

The title is incredibly untrue. Tonight I had my ASL students perform a 4-6 minute story about their lives in front of the class. Everyone was super nervous, especially because I was videotaping. The final girl was about a minute into her story when she fainted! It was scary! I ran to her and she stayed knocked out for another 30 seconds or so and when she came to she started hyperventilating. It was so sad! But again, it was Rachel to the rescue...I'm good in emergency situations if I know the person. Lucky you!

Being a teacher is not good for my nerves. I might want to rethink my future. Maybe be a dental hygienist or a zookeeper. Any suggestions?


Dave Allbee said...

I hear there's great money in being a Chicken Sexer (yes, that's a real title).

Eliza said...

Woah! You must be really hard on your students for them to pass out in class. Be nice Rachel! :)