Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Day

I've decided that I need to be more responsible. I'm some what of an adult so I should start some what acting like one. I think I put on a really good responsible sort of facade but most of the time I feel really immature and unprepared. Today I had to meet a student at my office so I laced up my running shoes, put on some athletic apparel, grabbed my iPod and ran to UVU. You're probably thinking, "Who cares?!?!" Well, I do! I haven't done any running since I was in DC and it was tough but it felt really good.I have decided to improve my eating, exercising and spending habits. I already started on spending and I'm doing much better! Even with Christmas approaching, I have it all budgeted and ready to go. The eating and exercising will prove to be more difficult, especially with winter creeping up on us, but I'm ready for a challenge. The best challenges are the ones against your natural instincts. My natural instincts are as follows:

1. Eat fast food for every meal (I really, truly love it)

2. Never, ever work out. Unless I'm playing volleyball or dancing, then it's acceptable but it doesn't feel like exercise!

3. Spend money everyday. Even if it's just a piece of gum or something I just have this urge.

4. Be SUPER lazy. Watch too much TV, take lots of naps, etc.

If you catch me doing any of these I give you permission to kindly remind me to get off my lazy bum and to do better. Unless I'm shopping with with Kat or Eliza, then none of us have any control and you just need to step back or you'll get creamed. True story.


Eliza said...

I'm so proud of you for jogging to school. You are amazing. I miss you so much. Speaking of shopping, I still owe you for those Target boots! When will I see you again? Did you go home for Thanksgiving?

Kat said...

haha! Yes it's very true. When we are shopping together it is absolutely hands OFF! HAHA. I love that we have the same boots. This time not planned! Happy Thanksgiving, I'll miss you!

Great Scott's! said...

Just the two people I expected comments from :) Rachel I love your list cause I am one in the same. Except now I am no longer know for my hanious spending habits, on occasion I will have the urge but then my sholder angel pops up, and sways me otherwise. I too want to start being healthier and this whole break I commit to who ever reads this comment( probably just you Rachel) that I will exercise some how everyday. You have yet again motivated me. And even though this is a week late why is Toby back :( Anyways happiest Thanksgiving!!