Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Yep, I went shopping this morning with my mom, brother and little sister, Maria. We got to Shopko right as it was opening because we didn't really need anything, we just wanted the experience. It was mayhem and I think I love it! The adrenaline and the pushing are great for when you have any sort of tension in your life.

We got there technically late but still walked away with everything we had circled in the ad. After that we went to Best Buy and I got season 3 of The Office for $15. It was definitely a successful trip.

After shopping we went to IHOP for a delicious breakfast and then home to sleep for a few more hours. It was wonderful.

I woke up at 1pm and went to lunch with my sisters at 2pm to one of our favorite restaurants, The Bluebird Cafe, up here in Logan. It was delicious and cheap, just how I like my food and my men.

Since I rarely get to spend time with my sisters I let them choose the movie after lunch and they unanimously decided on Twilight. I had kind of decided to boycott because I really couldn't care less about the books, but I'll do anything for my sisters. It was good, not great, but good enough. I wanted to see Bolt, but I will be blessed for my sacrifice.

Black Friday? Nope. Awesome Friday.

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Kat said...

so glad you found some good deals! I hope you had a good time in Logan, I hope it was restful. Although I have a feeling you did a whole bunch of work to try and catch up. Girl, you truly need to take a break. You're gonna love Christmas break, aren't ya?! I love you, let's play.