Saturday, November 29, 2008

Word Vomit

Most of the time word vomit is attributed to putting your foot in your mouth over and over again with you being unable to stop. I have lately been listening to the way people talk and when they use their words, I vomit a little. One such vomit inducing word, which really isn't a word, is bestest.  It is not a word.  In fact, as I write this, my computer has highlighted it to let me know that something' not right!

Main Entry: bestest
Part of Speech: adj
Definition: the very best
Example: my bestest friend
Usage: slang; incorrect superlative

The above was taken from am shocked and annoyed that it's even on the site. Why list slang and incorrect superlatives?!?! I hear it constantly from my high school students and from people at UVU who have not yet left high school (which is many of them). If you are reading this and are offended, I don't apologize. It's my opinion and I am allowed it. I'm positive that I do things to shock and offend people everyday.

Thank you for reading.


Dave Allbee said...

I have to agree 100%. I also really hate the term "same difference."

Kat said...

I understand about vocabulary. I'm the worst, I make up words all the time! Sorry! For me, it's spelling. I hate when people don't proof read their stuff!! Typos? Come on, people!