Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rachel = Awesome

I have once again been informed that I should make my blog awesome because it is being closely monitored. Intimidating? A little. Flattering? Could be.
It depends on the day. Sometimes I feel like this chihuahua and sometimes I feel like the lady balancing precariously on that itty bitty chair.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


Eliza said...

Rachel=Awesome! It's so true. That's the best picture. :) You're so great. You've never let me down with your blog. Keep the posts a coming.

Kat said...

your blog is awesome, dear. I absolutely love it. You are wonderful, too! I love you!

Crazy McWife said...

You are very insightful- I'm glad I came across your blog! I hope you don't feel pressure, b/c I think you say what a lot of people think. ;)