Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shanna: Pros and Cons

  • She has never, ever taken a bad photo
  • She's an excellent wife and mommy
  • The first day I met her, I wanted more
  • She is always complimentary
  • She has such a strong testimony and is awesome about sharing it
  • She always has the best advice, but isn't annoying about doling it out

  • She just might be funnier than me
  • I don't see her nearly enough
  • She's definitely the Sign Song Queen, going so far as to incorporate karate into her last one
  • She still gets embarrassed about that one day in my car after softball and that one time by her car after the movie (if you want to know, you have to ask her)
  • She is a far superior softball player
  • She was already married and had her daughter just a few months after we met so....we never got to be single gal roommates!

Love you Shanna!  Thanks for being you!


Great Scott's! said...

How dare you! You are a dueling signing song queen, if not the ruler! And just for the record I have taken many a bad photo, I just try to erase as many as I find, but unfortunately they are out there. And you are one of the most amazing, funny, clever and mature friends I have, so..... Well honestly I'm blushing. Thanks for that, I really needed it today! You are Rachelific, and a great friend!

McCall B. said...

I love Shanna too! How could you not?

Eliza said...

Shanna helped me pin on my number at the 5k (I mean 5 miler) today. She is great!