Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Day Ever!

I had the most fabulous birthday yesterday! My sneaky friends and sister planned a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and invited some of my favorite people. I also got 2 bits of fabulous news yesterday, read to the bottom to learn what they are!
Thank you Eliza, Shanna and Maria for putting everything together! You ladies are awesome!

Some of the party people.  Thanks for looking at the camera Jason, thanks a lot.

My mom and sister, Meghan, surprised me when they walked in!  Of course, I cried.  Which made Shanna cry because she's a sympathetic crier like me.

The grossest round of the "Happy Birthday" song ever sung.

I don't remember why I'm laughing like a horse.

Eliza got me a birthday princess crown because she knew I would hate it.  So I made everyone wear it.  As you can see, Shanna also hated it!

Birthdays + best friends = big smiles!

Eliza bought everyone silly string and they ambushed me on the way out!  

This time I'm laughing like a donkey, not a horse!

My mom, two of my sisters and me!  It was amazing!

The silly stringed group

Went back to Lindsey's house where we always eat, laugh, play Rock Band and SIGN.  I'm either saying "oh, I see" with my left hand or I'm in the middle of moving from one sign to another.  Who knows?!?

Eliza rocking the vocals and NOT eating the mic ;)

This is a very loving group


So, the other awesome news I got yesterday - 

1.  Remember that photo shoot I did a month ago?  She's done and posted more pictures on her blog!  What a fun surprise on my birthday!  She is so talented, easy to work with, creative, fun (I could keep going!) Check them out here
2. I got my results back for my Utah Level II test and ......I passed 4 of the 5!  I found out at dinner and it could have totally ruined my night but it made it even better!  I am still in shock and denial but I'm also thrilled!

Thanks to all who made it such a special day.  I appreciate all of your love and friendship!  The notes and texts that I got throughout the day made me realize even more how blessed I am to have such incredible people in my life.  If you're reading this, you're one of them!

I love you!


Erica said...

I'm so glad you had a fun birthday!!! Those photos of you that that girl took - amazing!! You should be a model.

Hannah said...

I wish I could have been there! I'm about to go look at your model shots.

Hannah said...

I just looked at them.. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! seriously, I LOVE THEM!

rebecca said...

you are such a doll. like you did so well on your test! look at you! and that photo shoot is amazing.... wow. you are so beautiful. when i grow up i want to be as pretty as you and as great an interpreter, also!

Eliza said...

You are hot! Wow, I always new this but now you can't deny it. Pictures don't lie.

I'm glad you had a happy birthday! I love you!

Jay-Dub said...

Glad your Birthday was awesome!!! You deserve it!!!

Eliza said...

Oh BTW, you were laughing in the first picture because you didn't get to blow out the candles, the napkin did it for you. And you don't look like a horse or a donkey, you look beautiful! And you told us to sing you happy birthday in Deaf voices. Which I didn't have to try hard to do because we all know I'm basically tone deaf anyway. :)

Mark and Callie said...

I love you too!! I'm glad you had such a fun birthday. Congratulations on your test!! But it really couldn't have been that big of a shock because we all know that you are AMAZING!!!

tira said...

i'm glad you had such a rad birthday! (oh yeah...rad is coming back!) you are fabulous and i love you. and i love your pretty!

Jerilyn said...

congratu-freakin-lations on passing 4 out of 5! Feels great, right! you will pass that last one like its nobody's business! (I am taking my last component on Thurs, and I am more nervous about that one than I was taking all 5!)

JOe said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

last comment was me(julie)....signed in with the wrong account. You're so ridiculously good looking I can't wait until people see us hanging out together