Friday, June 12, 2009

Taylor Made It!

This stud graduated from high school last week!  

Which, unfortunately meant sitting through a graduation. So, Meghan and I did what any normal, supportive sisters would so. We made fun of the speakers and played M.A.S.H. The way we play, the person whose fate is being determined gets to pick only one option per category. The person whose fate is not at stake gets to fill in two. It's awesome! Here are the results, the options that didn't make it are in parentheses:


Lives in- House
Married to - Adrien Grenier (Rosie O'Donnell and Screech)
Lives - With the creepy newlywed couple sitting behind us (Costa Rica and with our parent's dog)
Job - Port-A-Potty Cleaner (lottery winner and wash woman)
Kids - 12 (7 and 0)
Car - a 300 (Logan bus system and Taylor's Razor scooter)


Lives in - House
Married to - Bradley Cooper (our cousin Paul and a kid in the school choir with an afro)
Live - with the stinky neighbor kid (Malibu and a public restroom)
Job - Servant of the valedictorian (socialite and high school teacher)
Children - 10 stepkids (3 and 2)
Car - Toby, my first super lame car (roller skates and a Jaguar)


Maria Johnson said...

you two are always the funnest to play mash with!

Eliza said...

I love MASH. I remember playing that game and putting down JTT, Andrew Kegan (is that his name?), and lot of other teenage heart throbs. But I haven't played it in years. Maybe I should try.