Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Isn't It Romantic?

Every full moon, the resort at Sundance offers moonlit ski lift rides for $10. Since meeting Eliza she has talked about wanting to go, so last night we gathered a group and made her dream a reality. It was awesome! We got there around 9pm and played around on the grass for about an hour before beginning the trek up the mountain. The weather was perfect, the company delightful and the moon did not disappoint. Eliza and I are already making plans to go back.

Isn't it beautiful?

Again, beautiful!

The boys

The girls

On the lift!


Anonymous said...

Ok that is like picture perfect beautiful. Jealous - I want to go there!

Kat said...

I need to do this!

Dani & Jake said...

I love doing this! its fun when its colder too because then you can bring hot chocolate, a blanket and a snuggle buddy :)

Great Scott's! said...

Oh how romantical Alf-Alpha! Love the Pictures. I would love to do this too, maybe alone with Cregg though. no offense.

Eliza said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for making my dream a reality. I love you!

rebecca said...

umm HELLO! i got married at sundance on the fall harvest moon three years ago... i have super cool pics of my dress on the lift... i will have to show you sometime!