Monday, July 6, 2009

Kat: Pros and Cons

This lovely lady is celebrating a birthday today and I thought it only appropriate for me to once and for all let her know what I love and loathe about her...

  • We are always laughing when we're together
  • She is one of my favorite people to interpret with
  • She loves hard and deep
  • We have taken road trips and never run out of things to say
  • She can quote "The Office" and "Arrested Development" better than anyone I know
  • My personal style has improved since meeting her
  • She looks good in every single hair color and style, while some of us can only go dark
  • She's younger than me and is a spiritual giant compared to me
  • She can read me like a book - nothing slips past this girl, I can never fake anything with her
  • She is a far superior interpreter
  • She writes the most amazing notes with the most perfect advice and encouragement and leaves me feeling inept when I try to reciprocate
  • She and her husband have an insanely loving relationship and has made me realize that I should settle for nothing less....great - where is that guy?!?
I love you so much Kat!  You are the greatest friend I could ask for.  My life has become enriched since I met you and continues to do so each time I see you.  There is no way for me to describe how much I appreciate all you do for me, except to say...



Eliza said...

Amen! To all of the above. Kat, you're amazing.

You forgot to add that she just bought a super cute house that I am jealous of.

Linda said...

Can I be a brat and say "yep, that's my baby!" (see my blog for a cute picture of her! I'm her Mom, and I have to say, today was so awesome with her for her birthday and we had so much fun I actually forgot for a moment that it WASN'T MY birthday! It was HERS. That's how good she makes people feel.

rachel! said...

Thanks Rachel, love you! This is actually Kat writing this, I'm using your computer and you're in your room getting ready for a ladies lunch! I love you!!!!!!!!