Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Weekend Ever! (super crazy long post - if you don't read it I won't be offended)

This weekend started at 6pm on Friday with a birthday dinner at my house for my friend Sam. We then moved on to a Real Salt Lake soccer was awesome! Obviously I run with a crazy group of friends who love pictures so I took about 200 that night alone! Then back to my house for eating cake and staying up WAY too late. 

The next morning, I took Lindsey, Sam and Jason up to Hyrum to hang with the fam for Independence Day. We went to the parade, ate, went shooting and just played around with my family.

When driving home this morning someone suggested we take Sam's Jeep up a canyon and have a picnic. It was a ton of fun!

Shanna, Gregg and Paige stopped by the birthday dinner for a bit and it was marvelous to see them!

Jason, Rachel and Sam.  Can there be too much love?  It's possible.


I got the tickets and it was decided that I needed to do a gangster shot.  Good decision.

Rachel, Eliza and Jason.  Sigh.  These are some good people.

Brandon and Sam...this was totally candid  ;)


Sam, Luis and Jason.  Jason didn't get the memo about getting a special edition Real Salt Lake scarf...

They were shaking their heads back and forth and we ended up with this picture.  Yum.

That was outside the car...I need to wash my windshield!

Fun times in the backseat of my car


Cake smashing time

We like taking pictures...she's just pretending to hate it!

Lindsey and Jason with my nephew Porter.  So cute!

Hyrum city parade.  Woo hoo!

Aunt Meghan was helping Haven fend off the bigger kids so that she could get some candy

They let just about anyone ride in the parade.  Meghan and I will be involved somehow next year.

Jenny was there!  I haven't seen her in about 3 years!

Aunt Maria and Porter

Maria as Annie Oakley

Beautiful Rosie

Lovely Haven

Cute Naomi

On our way up the canyon!

Switch!  Me and my fat arm were able to drive the Jeep for a while

The clouds were amazing today

Photogenic ladies

Jason, me, Lindsey and Sam

Nope, not a postcard!


Eliza said...

You forgot to put the best part of the weekend up on your blog.:) Love you Rachel, it was a fun weekend, I wish I could have spent more of it with you guys.

Erica said...

Oh my gosh that looks like SO much fun!!!

Great Scott's! said...

So that is a great post!!! Loved it and wasn't even bored for a moment. so that last picture wasn't a post card but must have been a Bob Ross painting- come on now. What's the best part of the weekend?! Calling you.

Kristy said...

You look so beautiful in all these pictures! I also think your hair looks Amazing! Sometimes I get sad when I go to read blogs and noone has posted. I love that I can always count on a fun post from you! Thanks for being a good blogger!

Kat said...

...and you thought a long post would deter us from reading it? Think again! I loved it and the pictures are great! I love you! P.S. you are gorgeous.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

that last picture is INCREDIBLE! where is that? you look super hot in all the pictures. the only thing missing is..... ME! miss you!