Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Have Landed!....?

I have been interpreting my hands off this week!  I am mentally and physically exhausted from all the work I've had.  Sometimes when I come down to Vegas I do jobs where I sit around for 6 hours and read my book attentively watch my client.  Not this week, oh no.

I have learned a lot about interpreting, about what I'm capable of and where I fit in this interpreter world.  I worked this morning and as I began I noticed two girls staring at me.  I thought they were just "those people" that can't stop watching the terp.  Then I saw them signing to each other.  Great.  No pressure at all.  Did I mention that I was working solo?  Awesome.  When the job ended the two girls cornered me and told me they were in an Interpreter Training Program and were using this as observation hours.  Gross.

But wait...does this mean I have landed?  People are observing me?  I'm awesome?

But did I do today?  Are they "those people" who are hyper critical of every thing I did and will bash me in their reports?  Ugh.

Identity crisis in the Nevada desert...hooray.

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Eliza said...

Rachel, you rock at interpreting! I'm sure they said awesome things about you in their report. Honestly, what could they say about you that is negative? Answer: Nothing