Thursday, October 22, 2009



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OK, if you're reading this then you're back and you watched the Glee video.  My thoughts -


I love - 
Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
Puck singing Sweet Caroline to Rachel
Puck's darling smile during the entire performance
Rachel for being awesome and beautiful
Dale for thinking I look like Rachel
Rachel for having the coolest name ever
The actor that plays Puck, Mark Salling.  I want to kiss his face and let him sing to me
The fact that Mark was on an episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" 10 years ago
GLEE!  I love GLEE!

        OK, let's discuss.  If you watched last night's episode, you know what happened and I'm feeling mixed about it.  The whole Rachel loves Finn and Puck loves Quinn went all topsy-turvy last night, but it also hinted that Finn loves Rachel and Quinn loves Puck.  For the longest time I wanted Rachel with Finn but last night convinced me that my dream matchup is her with Puck!  It works!

Please discuss.


Mark and Callie said...

Ok, i must say that i think that Quinn-Puck (which who knew his first name was Noah??)and Rachel-Finn seem to fit better. But i very much enjoyed the mix up. Quinn and Finn are just too much alike for me. AND, their names rhyme, that is never a good sign. i just keep waiting for it to finally come out that Puck is the dad!!! I did quite enjoy this episode. Plus, how cute was Emma in the 2nd dress!

And i agree with Dale, you do look like Rachel.

Kristy said...

So, be honest. How was it kissing Puck in last nights episode? I'm so sad you didn't tell me you were the lead actress in an awesome show. Your dream has come true! Those short skirts are pretty sassy. I was telling all my neighbor gals that you are the spitting image of "Rachel". Amazing. I really want Quinn to tell Finn that it isn't his baby so that he can be with Rachel. I also really want Mr. Shoester to dump his wife (which I do NOT advocate in real life) so that he can be with Emma. I love Emma and her most amazing wardrobe.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

ummmmm Puck is a juicebag, remember? I agree, sweet caroline was cute but that doesn't negate his horniness!!!!! and you do look like Rachel, by the way, I've thought that since the beginning.

Kalli Ko said...

This is all going to hit the fan in the next few weeks and I'm more excited about that than pretty much anything in my life.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

you seriously are that Rachel chick in Glee. I've only watched it a couple time, but everytime I do I'm creeped out by the similarity. Everything...the looks the way she acts and I could totally see you stomping out of every situation where you didn't get your way.

P.s Puck is hot. Finn is not....but I've always liked the darkys.