Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doppelganger Day

Today was SO odd! I kept seeing people that looked familiar but in a weird way. Let me explain...

You recognize this guy?  It's Al, the creepy (villain) toy collector from Toy Story 2.  There was a guy at one of my jobs with the exact hairline, facial hair, glasses and sloppy clothes as our pal Al.  I could not stop starring!  How often do you see a real life human that looks like a cartoon character?!?!

There was another guy who looked like a perfect hybrid between the dearly departed Billie Mays and country singer Alan Jackson.  (a moment of silence for Billie, please)  He had a shoulder length curly mullet and a long angular face like Alan.  He had the loud, enthusiastic voice and dark hair of Billie.  Again, I couldn't stop staring!

Finally, I saw a guy that looks like how I expect my cousin, Paul, to look in a few years.  It was WEIRD!  He looked like a 32 year old version of Paul.  Freaky day.

See what I mean?  They all looked familiar in a weird way.  Fun, exhausting, odd, odd, odd day.

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