Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Monopoly game is going on at McDonalds right now. I typically associate it with Christmas time, but I guess they needed to increase store traffic or something, so they are doing it now.  It's a clever idea, I'm sure it increases their revenues quite a bit.

Whenever I think of this game, I think of Christmas shopping with my mom. When we were little we would each get to spend a day Christmas shopping with my awesome mama, one on one. We weren't exactly the richest family on Earth so we never got to eat out, except for on Christmas shopping day when we were allowed to pick a fast food restaurant of our choice. I ALWAYS picked McDonalds. Always.  I can't even explain the agony of choosing between a caffeinated soda or a milk shake with my meal.  Believe me, I thought about it the whole week before we went.

We would collect our Monopoly game pieces and scour the floors for any errant piece, just in case our winning piece had been carelessly dropped by another Mickey D's patron. Sometimes if we saw one by someone's feet my mom would toss a coin in that direction and I would retrieve the coin and game piece.  It was so fun!  We would laugh and strategize over hot french fries.

We never won anything except for fun mother/daughter memories. Yep, all worth it.


Dani & Jake said...

Happiness is: this post.


Hannah Neville McMillan said...

that is such a cute tradition!!!