Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Totally Uninspired

With such a titillating title how could you resist reading such a blah worthy blog?  Ug.  I feel so incredibly neutral right now - I blame the holidays.

Yes, we had Christmas, I hope you enjoyed yours.  I could have skipped the entire day and not given it a second thought.  I loved watching the nieces open presents; there is much magic in childhood Christmas, but for me, the pixie dust has run out.

It's odd to feel this way because with the close of 2009 rapidly approaching (tomorrow!) I can look back on this year with a lot of satisfaction.  I can also look forward to a super 2010 (too many expensive plans) but I cannot shake this overwhelmingly neutral feeling.  It's so odd.  Is this what old age feels like?  Hopefully not, this better just be a funk.

Something that will *hopefully* restore some magic and sparkle to my life is that on January 24th, Eliza and I are going here -

They say "dreams come true" there and I'm going to hold them to it!  There's nothing I hate worse than false advertising - except for maybe peanut butter, ham, Tyra Banks, sweet potatoes, sausage, B.O., and boys that wear a lot of hair gel.  Yeah, I'm a picky eater.

Be back tomorrow!  In a better mood *fingers crossed*


Kat said...

oh my gosh I'm totally jealous! I've been begging Travis to take me to Disneyland ever since we got married, (Not even DisneyWORLD!) Geez! That's so exciting! I hope you have a fabulous time!

McCall B. said...

What you need to get you out of your funk is a date with my friend Neil- I wanna set you guys up. I'll call you later this week and see if we can set something up. You rock sista'!

Eliza said...

I didn't know you hated ham (I do too!)

Nice Sue Sylvester comment about guys that wear too much hair gel. Hahaha!

And our dreams better come true at Disney World!