Saturday, January 2, 2010


Resolutions are a tricky business and I don't think that many of my friends/colleagues/family members make them any more.  They are nearly impossible to keep longer than the first two weeks after the new year so now most of us just quit before the game begins.  Yes, it's a quitter's mentality and I am just fine with that, thank you.  When you think about it, it's just the difference from one day to the next that we are celebrating.  12/31 to 01/ why resolve to change for 365 days if it is just the difference of one day?  Am I making sense?  Probably not, but hey - it's 2010!

Either way, it was bittersweet to bid adieu to 2009.  It was a great year for me but I've noticed that even years are typically the best for me so I'm pretty excited to see what happens in 2010.  I've got lots of things planned (most of them are secret until they happen, sorry) and no matter what happens, I determine how I react to it.  Keep it positive people!  (and make sticker charts!  They're awesome!)

So, Happy New Year!!!

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