Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Too Late

 It is too late for me to be blogging anything intelligent or witty right now, seeing as how I have gotten 8 hours of sleep in the past two days.  I know, wah wah wah for me.  Sad life.  So, I will leave you with something I did not create but that I have a deep burning desire to re-create (probably with Julie Archer....this seems like her thing).

Hey, I get it.  I loved my Cabbage Patch doll, who didn't?  But....right.  You don't see boys recording their love affairs with G.I. Joe on film....or do you?  I'll give $10 to the first person who finds this sort of photo with a boy and his "action figures".

Good night!


Mark and Callie said...

not quite as creepy as yours, but a little disturbing all the same


Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

Excellent! We should totally recreate this with you and a miniature me sitting on your lap. I'll work on my chucky like stare for the delightfully freakish floating head picture. Or maybe we should recreate it with a Disturbed girl from our past and a miniature of her then monkey boyfriend on her lap. Think of the floating face. Ahh! it creeps me out too much

Jerilyn said...

I hope this doll saved her life at some point or something, and that's why it has special meaning. Otherwise there is no good excuse.

Besides the top right picture is just plain frightening.

Linda said...

Please send my prize money to your favorite charity.