Thursday, January 7, 2010

McMistake? McLove?

I have never eaten a McRib.  I think they look gross so I have avoided them for 27 years.  I have noticed that some people go into a frenzy whenever they are brought back for a limited now I'm curious.

Eliza and I were driving the other day and we saw a McDonalds advertising the McRib and we both expressed our disgust and then, almost in sync, said, "I kinda want to try one".

Thank goodness I'm going to have someone on this journey with me.  One thing I'm scared of is being totally wrong.  What if they are DELICIOUS and I become one of the nut case fans who make a paper chain until the next time they are back?

*please be disgusting, please be disgusting, please be disgusting*

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AshMasta said...

McGross. Ok, I've never had one, I have also not eaten anything from McDonald's in ten years! I had to do a project. Needless to say I learned stuff and it ruined that place for me forever(not to mention the trauma brought on by Supersize Me)....I kind of hope you love it cause I can envision you sticker charting your attempt to eliminate addiction and that makes me smile. ;)