Saturday, February 13, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I have never understood why so many women resist becoming like their mothers.  It's inevitable, we all become like the woman who raised us and instilled in us her values.  

I guess I have never resisted it because I was never embarrassed by my mom, I wanted her at all my events and activities because I love her and I look to her for a lot of strength.  Being on the volleyball court during a stressful game and being able to look over to the stands and see my mom more nervous than me was always the boost I needed to play harder and be better.  

I want to be like my mom, she's fantastic!  Although I have unfortunately inherited her minor hoarder tendencies, I am eternally grateful for her good qualities I have as well.  I have often told friends that I'm terrified of being a mom because there is no way I could compare to the amazing job my sweet momma did. 

It's not worth the fight, we all become them so why not embrace it!  I'm just glad she's not insane! 


Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

What a sweet post. Love it. It was good seeing you the other day!

Lacey and Tyler Voris said...

how sweet!

Great Scott's! said...

It's because yours isn't insane, sweetie. I will take my moms good things, of which she had many, and improve upon the rest. Lets just say I hope my daughter will write a blog like yours about me someday, and that is why I try.

Nicki said...

Your mom is fantastic! Love her!