Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meatless May

Eliza proposed that we try to do "Meatless May" - it's just how it sounds, no eating meat for the month of May.  Since we returned from the cruise we've done a lot of research on healthy living and that includes limiting how much meat we eat.  It has been nice to have a partner in crime on this so that not everyone thinks I'm crazy - they think she is crazy as well.

It's funny when I tell people about my decision to limit my meat intake - a lot of people seem to be offended.  I don't get it.  I can only guess that they expect me to go all PETA on them and sit them down for a slideshow of animal brutality.  I know the facts but I'm not going to spew them all over everyone I know, but if you'd like to know about the health side of it I would be happy to talk about it.  

Someone told Eliza that she is going against the Word of Wisdom (click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about) by living vegetarian during May.  Yikes.  Most definitely not!  See what I mean about people getting defensive?  Weird, weird world.

When May is over I don't plan on going to Tucano's everyday for lunch but I will return to eating meat sparingly and when it is served to me.  I refuse to have people make a special dish for me, I will eat whatever is served.  

So far, Meatless May has been successful....I've only dreamt about eating meat twice (seriously) and I'm only craving fried chicken and a pork burrito from Cafe Rio.  Other than that it has been great for forcing me to be more creative with my meal choices and planning ahead.

I'm suggesting everyone I know to watch "Food, Inc" (also suggested by Eliza).  It's not some liberal, PETA produced documentary but more of an inside look at the food industry.  It's not pro-vegetarian.  It's pro-"know where your food comes from".  I highly recommend it!


Kalli Ko said...

I'm a big fan of limiting the meat. I try to cook completely vegetarian at least a few times a week. Even then we rarely eat red meat and mostly go for chicken, ground turkey and even pork occasionally. I substitute ground turkey for ground beef always. Ground beef sort of sicks me out now.

Being aware of where you get your food is a good thing. Buy local when you can, and as hormone free as possible.

Kristy said...

We totally agree! We definitely eat meat sparingly, plus, it says so in the bible! We really aren't supposed to eat meat everyday. Especially red meat. I think the people who eat meat everyday are weird! He he he

AshMasta said...

Amen about watching Food Inc., it is powerful.
I think if people want to give their opinion on your decision perhaps they should wait for the invitation. I think it's so funny that because you do something differently people try and tell you that you are wrong. Come on people! Different is awesome, if we were all the same we'd be boring! Love ya.

Eliza said...

The only thing I've craved is a Cafe Rio chicken salad. It's been good, I was worried about my iron dropping this month but I just had it checked and it's high. I think it's from all the veggies I've been eating. Yum yum!

Eliza said...
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