Saturday, May 14, 2011


I was thinking today about the idea of normalcy. Try to define it in a way that doesn't make you a deviant in some way. It's near impossible. Here's the kicker though, most people think that they are normal and those who act, speak, think differently from them are the deviants. We look at the world through our own eyes and interpret what we see through our homegrown brain - therefore, this is our version of normal. No one else on Earth shares the same version of "normal".

I was thinking about this because today at work there was a woman who kept smelling a small lavender pillow she carries around with her. She seemed professionally dressed, clean and well spoken, but.....the pillow! We all talked about how she probably thinks that she's completely normal because if she didn't then would she carry it with her? Debatable. 

There really, truly is no normal. Religious beliefs set us apart, political views push us even further and don't get me started on etiquette and cultural norms. Crazy. Either way, we all need to figure out how to get along in spite of our differences (and maybe even celebrate them from time to time, yeah?) and not think that it's everyone else's problem and not yours. You are not normal, I promise. I am.

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