Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riding Bikes

Tuesday night we metro'd into DC after work and had an adventure.

We started at the National Academy of Sciences so that we could have a quick visit with Einstein. This is kind of a hidden gem so it was blissfully not crowded. We have plans to go back and do a proper photo shoot soon.

Then we rented bikes through the DC Bikeshare program and then road around deserted DC like idiots for a while. The euphoria of riding bikes kicked in immediately and we road like 6 year olds on summer vacation. I haven't ridden in years and I don't know why - it was so much fun! I think I'll buy a year pass.

I love this city!

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rebecca said...

they had bikeshare programs in paris and rome and i thought they were the coolest thing ever! how fun that dc has one! i guess paris is in the process of developing a carshare.... cool, right?