Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Concert

Sunday evening I met Devon, her mom Kristine and brother Nick at the US Capitol building for the Memorial Day concert honoring troops past and present. PBS has sponsored this free event for over 20 years, click here to learn more.

Oh hey, President Garfield!

Our beautiful Capitol building, I love it!

These were the nosebleed seats

Actors Gary Sinise and Joe Montegna emceed the evening. They did a great job!

Colin Powell spoke for a portion of it. We all agreed - he's the man, fo sho'.

Devon and Nick

Devon, Nick and Kristine

We will definitely go again next year, it was so special to be at an event that celebrated something that I hold so dear. The tears were flowing pretty good at one point (love you, dad!). I'm grateful everyday for my freedoms and for this great nation. I'm especially grateful for those men and women who have been willing to go when others weren't.

God Bless America!

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