Friday, June 17, 2011


Yes, thank goodness it's Friday - but can we get serious for a moment? Raise your hand if you miss TGIF, the Friday evening 2 hour block of fun family comedies.
Now put your hand down and dry your eyes because you know you just shed a tear.
No judging here.

Some of my favorites -

Boy Meets World - the boys were cute, Topanga's hair was huge, Mr Feeney was mean but fatherly and Ben Savage is Fred Savage's brother. Formula for excellence if ever there was one.

OK, let me tell you what just happened. Devon and I are watching the beginning of 'Glee' and I'm blogging. She looks over and says, "I'm really glad you're doing this. I was watching Bones today and the dad from 'Family Matters' was on it!"
My reply? "Oh, Reginald Vel Johnson?"

.......and she laughed real hard.
I can't be the only person who knows Carl Winslow's name.....

The Holy Grail of TGIF, right? I remember the episode when they found out that Becky was going to have twins. My sister, Elisabeth, had been sent to her room for some reason and wasn't allowed to watch the new episode. When they announced it I ran upstairs and pounded on her door to tell her the wonderful news.

In high school when my softball team was warming up sometimes we would play 'Full House' trivia (and 'Saved By The Bell trivia - swoon). It was hard because we were all really good at it so we had to get really obscure.

(by the way, did anyone else totally hate Stephanie?)

I l.o.v.e.d. this show! It was actually pretty funny and I thought Holly Robinson (Peete) was sooooo cool. What is Mark Curry doing these days? Sadly, not a lot, check out his wikipedia page here. It should have lasted longer than it did, I was willing to keep hanging with Mr. Cooper.

One word. 


So cute. So stupid.
Definitely one of my earliest major crushes, but even at a young age I recognized that I need a man with brains. Beauty fades, but oh my.....Friday night was lovely during the 'Step By Step' 30 minutes. 
Other than that, the show was fine. A bit obnoxious, but an important part of the TGIF lineup.

Everyone I knew watched TGIF every weekend and it saddens me that there's nothing like it now. Actually, maybe kids should be outside playing rather than watching TV, but whatever, we had a great childhood.

Thanks, ABC.


Joby, Julie, Cru and Sage said...

Ah TGIF. Love full house. Love Boy meets world. Hated the other two...yet I watched them every week. Favorite line from Boy meets world episode "Don't you think Mary is a stupid name, Topanga?"

Great Scott's! said...

I got hooked when they still showed perfect strangers. Ahhh good times. It's funny cause Gregg and I were wondering what kids watch now-a-days on Friday nights- I bet they don't say TGIF nearly as often as we did. And if you ever wanted to have a trivia off I am sure I could locate the pamphlets I created with a good friend of mine. I love you, no wonder we were such fast friends.