Friday, June 17, 2011

Why Aren't You on Pinterest?

Are you not on Pinterest because it's habit forming?
True, it is. But it's not cocaine.

Are you not on Pinterest because you want to be out enjoying the weather?
Well, it's raining in DC currently.

Are you not on Pinterest because it's too trendy?
Get over it. So were braces but you're grateful to mom and dad anyway.

So what's stopping you?
I'm going to call some of you out because I still can't believe that you are not pinning! 

Ashley, Bryton, MOM, Tira, Tammis, Kati, Amber (yes you, Amber), Megan (uh huh, yeah, this is me calling out your whole family), Lizzie, Rachel P, and who else am I missing.....whatever, consider this your notice.

It's awesome! People snag things off the internet and this site always keeps the original website with it so if you go to look up that recipe or shirt, it will take you to that information. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a picture but I can't track down where it came from. Pinterest solves that for you! I will show you what I've been pinning lately so you get a better idea. Click on any of the links to go to my boards.

(PS - my separated at birth twin is pinning, we started following each other today)

istanbul on my 'i want to go to there' board

the golden gate bridge on the 'photos' board

panko crusted green beans 'good eats' board

(that's paper!)

I truly hope most of you succumb to peer pressure. Pinterest has helped me be more productive, crafty, imaginiative, and a better/more interesting cook! And we can follow each other, and let's face it - we all do the facebook/blog/twitter love so why not Pinterest?

I can send you an invite (uber exclusive, holler!) and you just have to link it through facebook or Twitter. Don't worry, it won't start posting it on your wall or tweeting your pins, but it gives you the option if you want.

If this didn't convince you - I don't know what will.

Happy pinning!


Dani & Jake said...

Glad you agree about the whole twin thing :) Also, I'm apologizing in advance for re-pinning all of your stuff!

Ashley said...

I find this evil and double pressure-filled. Peter's gonna kill you.

tira said...

Rachel! I am on! I just signed up the other day...but I haven't had time to do much...what with packing and all that craziness going on at my house. So there.

Amber said...

I am on it I just have no idea what the heck it is!!!

Lizzie - The Dancing Toad Blog said...

Fine. I'll do it. I'm just not sure how.. give me a few days....