Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mormons in the Media

I feel as though the Mormon church has been in the media quite a bit lately. Maybe I'm just noticing it because I live in DC and you can't escape having news thrown at you 24/7. Here is a random sampling of articles from the Washington Post -

The Mormon Retirement Plan

Evangelicals, Mormons and the Beliefs of the President

Andy and Amos and The Book of Mormon

A Latter Day Saint of the Book of Mormon Musical

Mormon Missionaries in DC

The Mormon Test

Are Mormons Better Leaders?

Crystal City is "Little Provo" for Mormons

Chapel for Single Mormons Comes With Pressure to Marry

Where is God (and the Mormon church) in a Natural Disaster?

These are only a few, there are a ton more about The Book of Mormon Musical that I intentionally left out. Sheesh. This is only within the last two months.....I think the Washington Post has a bit of an odd obsession with "our kind".

Oh, and then this happened........

Two Sundays ago I got to church and saw the television crew. Apparently PBS is doing a segment on being single in a religion that has a strong focus on marriage and family. Great. I can't get away from this, can I?

It will be airing tonight - check your local listings if you're curious about what I wore to church that day.
(I intentionally sat behind a pillar because I want nothing to do with that)

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Kristine said...

Hiding your light behind a pillar? Impossible!