Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awkward Paranoia

This post was inspired by two dear friends, Rachel Johnson, whom I affectionately call Julia Roberts, because they  have the same amazing smile and the famous Tent Boy, Jason Watts, whom I call Jason The Beautiful because he belongs on the cover of a magazine. 

So, being the minimalist that he is coupled with the fact that he lives in a tent, as you could imagine Jason The Beautiful doesn’t have much stuff. Amongst the stuff that he does have, the other day we found a bag of medical masks. Random and kinda awkward right?

So of course I cracked some joke about swine flu paranoia and him secretly being an Asian and we had a good laugh and moved on and basically forgot about it. Forgot about it until I learned that my other friend, Julia Roberts, Is going to China and other parts of Asia which immediately reminded me of the masks.

I laughed as I thought of how awkward it is seeing people here in America, still wearing those masks occasionally. Why!? It freaks me out and seems so awkward! Then I thought of Julia Roberts again and wondered if her trip would look something like this…

That would be really awkward slash funny! But seriously though, when you see someone in those masks don’t you sometimes almost just panic for a second at the thought that maybe they know something you don’t? I do, initially anyway, then I usually just feel all awkward about the fact that someone is walking around wearing a medical mask.

If that’s not awkward enough, you can also get designs on your medical mask…

Maybe Jason The Beautiful should have given his masks to Julia Roberts for her trip to Asia so she could fit in with the awkwardness. Even better, maybe they should have just gotten married and awkwardly worn the masks in Asia together.

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