Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hello Blogging Is For Lovers readers! My name is Bryton Morse and I am the author of in morse code. Just a blog that documents my little family's daily happenings and quite frankly my cop out for a scrapbook. I am so happy to be guest posting today about another member of our family: pola. She is our trusty Polaroid camera that goes with us everywhere. And since Rachel is such a great photographer I thought I would share some of my pictures. So here are some polaroids from recent trips that are my favorite. Enjoy!

Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4 - Cancun 2009
Picture 5 - Bridal Veil Falls Trail, UT 2010
Pictures 6, 7 - NYC 2010
Pictures 8, 9 - Park City 2010
Picture 10 - St George - 2011

Thanks Rachel for going to China so I could crash your blog! (and make sure you all stop by in morse code and say hello!)


*note from Rachel - y'all need to click on each picture to enlarge because they are all STUNNING. For formatting reasons I had to make them all (tragically) small. 

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